New Gantter Release is here !

We are proud to announce the new release of Gantter to the general public today !

We have updated both the Gantter for Google Drive and Gantter Cloud (for non google users) editions.  

In addition, we are also excited to add to the lineup a new Gantter G Suite edition as well.

The Google editions are optimized to include the best of native Google editor features such as; real time multi-party editing, integrated Google comments, bi-directional real-time syncing with Google Calendar, easily starting Google Hangouts with schedule team members directly within Gantter and more..  For G Suite users we make it easy to pull Domain resources directly into your Gantter schedules and allow you and your colleagues to build & share scheduling templates for your organization.

We also improved on many of the core Gantter features that have made it the #1 Cloud based CPM scheduling tool on the market today such as reading and writing MS Project files, Task & Cost tracking, Risk management, true Baseline comparisons, Resource Auto-leveling and more... and we have made it available in 23 languages !

Last but not least we are proud to introduce our most innovative feature ever - YOU !  

Yes you, and the millions of other Gantter users just like you that power the first of its kind community powered project management recommendation engine. 

Gantter use the power of the community to make everyone a better Project Manager and quickly as you type your task Gantter will recommend to you other possible tasks, resources or risks that you may want to consider adding to your schedule based on the millions of user, tens of millions of schedules and hundreds of millions of tasks and risks that have been created by the Gantter community ! 

We truly hope you enjoy the new release. 

To our many loyal users who have been with Gantter since its initial FREE release in 2011 we want to say thank you for your loyalty, support and feedback over the years ! 

Gantter is only as good as it is today because of you. 

We also hope that you will continue to support us by subscribing to the new PAID version.  We have worked hard to keep the price low ($5 per month) with the goal of making it affordable to all, while providing us with the revenue stream to allow us to continue to improve the #1 Community powered project management tool on the market today !

Happy Scheduling !

From your Gantter Team


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