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establishing a different time period

Hi there, I am working on a project and would like to be able to apply a project timeline for a specific period using the Gantt chart. In other words, I am looking at hypothetically changing a project time line for any specific time. Can you please advise?

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This is unique shit!!! Is there could be pay after the trial?! Don't be comical! Do just setting date option and fix plenty bugs or kick it off!

did you ever find a way, I've been trying to do the same thing and cannot get it to change dates on the gannt chart even after changing date in properties

The start and end dates for all tasks in the project are automatically scheduled based on the project start date and the calendars, constraints, and predecessors set on the tasks.

Please provide more details on your issue. What happens when you try to change the date?


I am including the answer to two common questions regarding dates below:


How to set a date to earlier than the project start date?


A task cannot start on a date earlier than the project start date. Please try adjusting the "Start Date" on the "Project Properties" dialog by clicking "Properties" in the "Project" menu of the Gantter editor.


If you are looking for a time frame you can always filter your projects start and finish dates. 

You can always share your project with our support team and ask for the best advise in creating your project. email

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