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google drive and gantter

since the paid version it is impossible to open a gantter file stored in google drive.

1 - you have not warned that you have paid version

2 - it is impossible to recover files stored in google drive

3 -I lost all my data

have you encountered the same problem since google drive?

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To Open project we have a workaround if you want please try it:

* Log into Google Drive (

* Download the gantter file locally. (single click on the file in the list and select "Download")

* Now in a drive, select "New->Gantter for Google Drive" file.

* When Gantter opens, select the "Project" menu, then "Import local Gantter File"

I will have my technical team to look into your issue. 

There is no `"download" option for this kind of file. And Gantter is not opening anyway. Any other ideas.

Thank you. 

Hi Valérie Jacob,


I have created a ticket for your issue.




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how to modify time scale and how to format task bars

Hi Narasimhan,

The following are some options to modify the time scale:

  • You can zoom in and out of your Gantter chart using the "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" options either in the "View" menu or on the toolbar.
  • You can set a filter so that only a portion of the tasks are showing. If you hover your mouse over the "Start" or "Finish" columns of the Gantter editor, you will see a filter icon. You can click on this filter icon to set a filter.

You can find some options for formatting in the "View" menu. You can also double-click on a task to open the Task Properties, the Colors tab of the Task Properties has some options for the task bar in the chart.

How do I move  my files from Gantter cloud to Google drive Gantter?

You can transfer files by exporting them using the "Export to local Gantter file..." option in the "Project" menu of the Gantter editor and then import using "Import local Gantter file..."

It doesn't work. If I login from I have all my projects worked there. If i login from the google drive using the same email I use for, I cannot see any of my work. pls help

The files saved in Gantter for Google Drive and Gantter Cloud are separate. So If you log into one edition, you will not see the files you have saved in the other edition.

However, you can export to download the file and then import if you want to transfer the files to a different account or different edition.

I am unable to modify the time scale as suggested above..

All I get when I hover on View is reset the bar to default.

I also note that many of the actions on the tabs are grayed out.

Is this because i am using the trial version?

If so then I will never purchase this as most of the actions I need to use are not available to me - so how can I test it?


I figured out what was wrong with the time scale - I was in the calendar not the tasks.

However I notice that in the Resources Usage view, there are big gaps where no resources are assigned.

What is wrong here?



You are able to minimize the unassigned task. 

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