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Gantt colors

How can I customize lines and colors in the Gantt chart please?

E.g. vertical lines for time periods or indicating current date


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Hi Jorge,

To change the colors of the tasks in your project, please go to the "Task Properties" dialog by double-clicking on a task, then go to the "Colors" tab, after changing the colors here click the "Save" button.

However, there is not currently an option to change vertical lines in the chart indicating current date.

Thank you

Matt, thanks for the answer. I have a related question: Is there a way to change colors for multiple tasks all at once (instead of the one by one method you mentioned)?

There is not currently a way to change colors for multiple tasks at once. The settings is set for each task.

Is there a setting to allow tasks to be color coded by resource or would this have to be done manually?

Hi Marian,

Yes, you can assign a color to a resource, double-clicking on a resource will open the "Resource Properties" dialog where you will find the color setting. You can then color the chart by resource color by choosing "Color Tasks by Assigned Resource" from the "View" menu of the Gantter editor.

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