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Gantt in weeks

To have the possibility to have Gantt view in weeks (1,2,3...) with the zoom

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Hi Luis,

Yes,  By default when we load project gantt chart view will have weeks calendar on zoom in and Zoom out it will present with prospective view, Please find the attached video recorder for more reference. 

Hope this helps you 

Thanks for using Gantter!!! 


Gantter Support team 


Be good if you could just start at week 1 with no date that way you can construct a project without an actual start date

This is something that we will look into with the Product team. Thank you for your suggestion. 

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It is as easy as zooming in and out of your Gantter chart. Here is a video to help. 


We'd be really happy if you could add the calendar week number as option. Our whole internal resource planning is based along calendar weeks as main identifier, it would help us visually to get better through the gantt charts within gantter. Either as part of the top row, or as its own row that can be displayed or hidden. See image.

Thank you for consideration. :-)

(107 KB)

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I totally agree with Andre on the issue with the calendar weeks. We would also love to have the possibility of planning our projects based on the week number.

Maybe there is some movement on this topic.

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