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Checking resource capacity for a Program

We are using GANTTER to manage a Program of 11 individual projects, that shares some 30 milestones.

Each project is mapped in a different GANTTER file.and we always assign each task to one and only one resource..

The issue is how to have a warning from GANTTER about overloading one or more resources that, participating in more projects, have the risk of being overbooked with excessive tasks on the same period of time.

I would like a feature to declare to GANTTER that some projects are part of the same program and that the resources are shared for that program.. The goal is  to enhable GANTTER to check for overbookings, considering the set of projects as a whole, even if each project is a different file.

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Same problem here: I have multiple projects and the same resources that work on all projects.

I want to manage projects in a specific Gantter, but I want to be able to see the usage of my resources globally.

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