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Bi-directional Google Calendar Sync

To me it's not clear how I should set this up exactly. Is Bi-directional Google Calendar sync just the 'marketing' term for "Export milestones to webcalendar" ?

In any case, the "Export milestones to webcalendar" doesn't seem to work. I have added a new calendar in Google Calendar by using the url provided in Gantter, but nothing is showing up in Google Calendar. I did notice that the url doesn't have an iCal id in it. It looks like this:


(I replaced the actual filename for this example).

In the url there's an `icalID` parameter, but there's no actual id behind the '='.

I would expect something like:


Does anyone have the same problem?

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I have a problem with Agenda and Tasks.

I am having same behavior for my account.

Is there a bug on the calendar sharing?

Are you working on it?

Thanks in advance.

No news for this tread?



Please see the help videos which demonstrate how to perform following actions (Gantter And Google Calendar Integration (Sync to Google tasks),Export Milestones to iCalendar and Export Milestones to Web Calendar  )

Gantter And Google Calendar Integration (Sync to Google tasks )
Export Milestones to iCalendar
Export Milestones to Web Calendar

Hope this helps.

I synced my Gantter Schedule to Google Calendar using the video above and saw the milestones show up pretty quickly. However.... after I made a couple adjustments to the dates in Gantter -- the calendar still has the old dates in there and has not updated to the new ones. 

How often is the sync updated, to make those same adjustments on the Google Calendar side of things? 

Hi Mallory,

If you used the "Export milestones to web calendar..." option then how often it syncs depends on the calendar software used. Gantter does not push changes to your calendar when using this option, the calendar software has to check for changes. My understanding is that Google Calendar syncs daily.

If you used the "Export milestones to iCalendar (download)..." then there is no syncing. You would have to export and then import new calendar.

The "Sync to Google Tasks" option syncs much more often, should sync with minutes of updating in Gantter. This is also the only option that is bidirectional: If you mark the task as completed in the task list then the task will be updated in Gantter to set "Percent Complete" to 100%. 

Thank you,

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That's perfect, thanks. I was hoping Google Calendar updated more than once every 24 hours, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Either way, after 24 hours I was able to see the updates. 

Thanks for the info! 

Hi there

I do not see the selection "Sync to Calendar' under the Project menu. Am I missing something?

The "Sync to Google Tasks" menu option is only available when you log in to Gantter for Google Drive or Gantter for G Suite. You would not see that option if you are logging in to Gantter Cloud edition.

Please use the following URL to log in to Gantter for Google Drive:

Sync to Google Task does not show any sync at the google task or calendar

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Please let us know which edition your subscribed?


This option "Sync to Calendar' is available only for google editions (Gantter for google drive and G-Suite). And will be not available for Gantter for Cloud edition. 

HI Team,

I have been trying to sync to Google Calendar but nothing appears in my Tasks. I have removed the resource, added the resource back with including my email address, selected the Sync to Google Tasks option and then check on my tasks and nothing is displayed. The video seems a tad bit dated as Google has updated the calendar UI and the tasks are now at the top of the page.  For reference I am using Gantter for Google Drive.

Any update on this issue? I am unable to link/sync to my calendar utilizing the URL and the sync to Google tasks feature.

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