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Bi-directional Google Calendar Sync

To me it's not clear how I should set this up exactly. Is Bi-directional Google Calendar sync just the 'marketing' term for "Export milestones to webcalendar" ?

In any case, the "Export milestones to webcalendar" doesn't seem to work. I have added a new calendar in Google Calendar by using the url provided in Gantter, but nothing is showing up in Google Calendar. I did notice that the url doesn't have an iCal id in it. It looks like this:


(I replaced the actual filename for this example).

In the url there's an `icalID` parameter, but there's no actual id behind the '='.

I would expect something like:


Does anyone have the same problem?

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I have a problem with Agenda and Tasks.

I am having same behavior for my account.

Is there a bug on the calendar sharing?

Are you working on it?

Thanks in advance.

No news for this tread?

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