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Linking Projects - Can you nest Gantter files in one master file?

A feature of other products is the ability to link to other projects.  Having subtasks that link to other projects in order to manage multiple programs at once. 

If this is not a feature is there the ability to take another plan and insert copied tasks in bulk?

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Same problem here: I have multiple projects and the same resources that work on all projects.

I want to manage projects in a specific Gantter, but I want to be able to see the usage of my resources globally.

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I'm testing Gantter and the first problem is my need of join many individual projects (sub projects) in one "Master Project"

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Same here! I'd like to have multiple root level parent tasks. Rows 1-30 for project one, 31-60 for project 2 etc.

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This is a must!  I can't believe this wasn't supported from the beginning.

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Hello everyone,

Do you know if that feature has been added to this tool ?

Select all the projects you wish to view together and click on visualization. From there you will be able to see charts of task and resources stemmed across your projects. 

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Here is how I did it for anyone else who is struggling as this was not intuitive.

1) Open a project in Gantter for Google Drive select Project -> Export local Gantter file. Save the file to your hard drive.

Do this for all desired projects.

2) Login to Gantter Cloud.

3) Create a new blank project by clicking on the + (plus) icon and select Blank Template. Give the "new project" a generic name such as "untitled" in order to avoid confusion from duplicate names later on.

4)  Select Project -> Import local Gantter file

5) Go back to the /ganttercloud/home/index.html tab in your web browser and refresh the page. You will now see the imported project in the list.

Repeat Steps 4 & 5 for all desired projects.

6) Once all the desired projects have been added go back to the /ganttercloud/home/index.html tab in your web browser.

7) Select the projects that you want to analyze by single clicking each project.

8) Select the Graph Icon in the lower right hand corner (Visualization Beta)

Note: This caused a somewhat confusing issue . In the Visualization -> Project Overview -> Project Name & ID drop down list the list should appear as [Project Name],[Project ID].  However, it shows up as Null, nnnnnnnn where nnnnnnnn is the project Id, but the project name is displayed as Null. I am however able to navigate around the tabs for the pre-made reports rather easily and can see multiple tasks. The problem I have is that many of my projects have the same or similiar task names, so with a Null Project Name field it is hard to associate the task with the project.

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I found a work around for the Null Project Names issue. It seems that the Visualization Tool does not handle spaces in the Project Name Field.

1) Open the Individual Project in Gantter Cloud

2) Select Project -> Properties

3) Change the Project Name to not include spaces. (Fore example instead of Project Name use Project_Name)

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