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Copying rows of tasks

How do i copy multiple rows of tasks that repeat for several modules. It is too tedious to re-type them all. The copy and paste doesn't seem to work.

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You will need to hold down the ctrl key to select more then one row. Copy and paste must be used on the tool bar when using these actions. Short keys will not work for copy and pasting inside gantter. 

Hi, When I copy the line the date of the event are not pasted.

I tried to paste in excel and it was present.

When I paste in Gantter I loose the date.

How can I do it?

Correct the dates will not transfer. The date will be the start date of the project. You can import the file. 

Sometimes when I copy/paste mulitple rows Gantter keeps the predecessor information for the tasks (What I want) and sometimes it does NOT keep the predecessor info.   Is there an explanation so I can get them to paste consistently?

I agree with Dave's requests/comments. The lack of sophisticated copy paste functionality of multiple rows makes it very difficult to manage projects.

For example, I want to import the text from a WBS that I have created, but it seems like I'll need to type each row separately.

This is really annoying.

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