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Row and Column Lines on Schedule

Need to be able to show a gridwork on the date sequence (Rows and Columns).


After printing out to a Large Plan Sheet:

1. Row Lines: The blue bars are fine of course, but visually it can be difficult to “follow” back to the specific line item it is associated with, without a slight guide that the line would represent.

a. We would prefer to be able to show Row Lines as is done in the Task List area.

b. Show Task Names in Chart is not a suitable workaround as the schedule is in flux and that text would be quickly written over with revised schedule information in the analog world.

c. Workaround Idea: Have the Task Name show within that Schedule Bar as Bold White Text.

d. Workaround Idea: Have the Task Name “Line Number” show within that Schedule Bar as Bold White Text (Line 1, Line 2, etc.).

2. Column Lines: The shading for the weekends is good, but lines are needed on the days, to better allow for the analog process of showing (coloring in) how much schedules will be changed.

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Thanks for the suggestions.  The next release should give you more control over different reporting visualizations that you can print.  After that release and we get feedback from the end users, we will consider changes to the core printing functionality.

Jeremy Carr

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