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Pricing and sharing with customers


we decided to use Gantter because of the ability to easily share the planning with customers in an online fashion. Now with the pricing we will not ask our customers into a payed account of Gantter. Nor would we want to create Google accounts + payed Gantter accounts to over customers an easy way to - temporarily - take part in a projects Gantt planing. Temporarily doesn't mean < 30 days.

Is there a way to get a long term cost free access - supposedly read-only access - which can stay free of costs? That would be great. Otherwise we would have to rethink our approach here.


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When the trial runs out, the editor can still open gantter projects in read-only mode.  You only need an active license to edit a Gantter project file.

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I'm trying to share my project (view only) with a gmail recipient but Gantter Share option is not emailing an invite (not going into Spam). See screenshot.




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