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Connected Kanban Board for the Activities

It should be awesome to have a Kanban Board whit the activities Added at the Gantt.




We have had a number of discussion internally about adding Kanban support.  I am curious how you would want to use it in relation to the Gantt.  For example, are you looking just to visually see the activities in a board format for presentation to a team.  Are you looking to change the Gantt charts percent complete based on moving an activity from one column to another?  Any other behaviors you want?

Our next release coming out shortly introduces all kinds of new analytic abilities - a Kanban report view is possible with that release.

Jeremy Carr

Hi Jeremy,

thanks for your reply.

At the moment it's enough to have each activity on a Canban but it's not necessary to ha a cync between the 2 views.

I'd just like to have a tool when the developers can update the status of any single activity.

Looking forward for the new release,

Best regards

Marco B.

Has there been any movement on this feature?

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