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How do I change the time an independent task is set for?

ex. If I say a 2-hour task's deadline is 12/2/2017 and it is to be started on 12/1/2017 it will automatically assign it to begin at 10:00 pm on 12/1/2017. I want to schedule the event for 4:oo pm and cannot seem to find a way.

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How to change the dates of the tasks!!!???, when I try to set start date of the task e.g. 02/28/2018 and finish date 03/15/2018, it doesn't allow, it changes automaticall as it wants and how to select duration that it would calculate automatically when I set the start and finish dates.

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I GOT THE SAME PROBLEM, I want to put an old cronogram but cant enter the dates

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