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New Gantter for Google Drive doesn't open older files from Google Drive

I wonder if anyone is experiencing the same problem. 

I was using Gantter for quite a few years, at least since 2013 and thus I have dozens of projects stored on Google Drive in the old version of the app

Today I discovered that a new version of Gantter took place and it doesn't open any of my old gantter files. The screen freezes with a sign "Opening a project from Google Drive" 

Does anyone have the same problem or a solution to the problem? 



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A fix for this issue has been deployed.  If you are still experiencing issues opening the older Gantter files please post a new topic in this forum and we will ensure a support rep helps you.



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Glad to hear.  If you do run into any issues or have some feature requests, we would love to hear from you. 



The fix doesn't work on my side, please help I need access to my file.


I still encounter issues while opening some of my gantters.

When I open the file, it is blank (while it should have 100+ entries).

Then I import a backup trough 'Project - import local gantter file'.

After that everything appears as intended. However, next to the 'help' menu, it keeps stating 'saving...'

Then when I close the gantter and reopen it, it is blank again.

I depend on this tool for planning so a working fix is urgent!

Viven and Bolle,

If you can share the file with me at via the google drive UI, we can take a look to see what the issue is.

error 260?

I have the same problem!!!


I have created a support ticket for your issue.

Thank you,




I'm facing same or similar issue.

Since yesterday, we can not open a project we were working on.

All of the sudden the browser showed an error, after that a new version sign appeared but project did not load.

It shows an error, or a sign with "openning the project from Google, please wait ..." forever.

Any help would be truly appreciated.

Thank you so much.

Hi Jorge Minassian,

I will create a support ticket for your issue.

Thank you,


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