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Predecessors no longer update when adding a task

 Since I have been unable to find a way to create a ticket for something that appears to be a bug, I'll use this approach.

Prior to the update, I am 99% certain that the predecessors were updated when I added a task after or before an existing task. This no longer works. Same thing when I copy and paste or cut and paste.

I also notice that the task which another task depends *must* be in a row numbered lower than the dependent task.

IMO these 2 items are key aspects that have to work in creating and subsequently managing a Gantt chart.

I have added 2 PNG files to show this impact. The impact is that I have to manually modify all dependencies when inserting a new task between existing tasks.

I believe that this behavior is a bug and/or regression. When will they be fixed?

This new release looks nicer and eliminates some productivity barriers. But when a task view and a Gantt chart are missing such basic functionality - I think that it will force users to move to Excel and Visio for simple projects and to other tools for more complex projects. You may put me in the unimpressed category.

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We have the same issue.

I received an email during the weekend indicating that this is a UI refresh issue.

I did a quick 'happy path' verification and reloaded my page after inserting tasks. It does appear to resolve the problem. Other than my page is resized.


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