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Confused by the new User Interface

Hi - I was pleased to see Gantter was still around last week when I had to build a new Gantt chart.  Everyone at my new organization asked 'what is that tool' ?  

The conversion to the new version came unexpectedly but we already had our first Gantt for the project developed, so that worked out.

My problem now is that I can't find my old Gantt chart from last week and I can't find any of the old functions at all.

I seem to only be able to access community forums.

Can I still load my old files and if so, where is the menu for that ?  What is the URL ?

Ok, after reading the announcement I decided $5/month was worth a try to get my old project schedule back.  After subscribing, I *did* get the menu back but my old Gantt chart was not in 'recents' nor accessible.

Luckily I am old AF and was wise enough to back everything up to XML and it seems to be there again.

However, a few brickbats:

- Under communicated transition period from
- New UX doesn't have obvious uptake steps for new users
- Your old work is apparently not accessible in the new framework, which breaks the trust of the user
- Even after subscribing, you can't access old Gantts


All your old Gantts should be available in the new system.  If you are not seeing the project, I will be happy to open a ticket and investigate.  We have had a number of people "re-register" using similar but different email addresses which causes them to not see the files they were used to seeing. 

For the UX, we welcome community feedback (including yours).  We will also be releasing small video's weekly to help educate people on how to do various tasks in Gantter.

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