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How to change Language/locate setting ?


           I remember in old version, there is a locate setting for language, time format.

I can't find it now. May I know how to workaround this problem?




Hi Victor,

Please follow the video to change the language from Home page and gantter editor 

1) Language Changing From Account Settings (Gantter Editor Page)
Video :

2) Language Changing From Account Settings (Gantter Home Page)

Please let us know if you need more help 


Gantter Support team

Great. thank you very much.

Links above told me "Limit exceeded" and could not find the solution..

Is this because of server side or client?

Hi Yasushi,

Can you please try below link 

From Editor: 

From Home Page:

Please let me know if you come across with the same issue


Gantter Support Team 

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