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PDF Creation

How does one create a PDF version of the Gantter files under the updated version of the software?  I no longer see a PDF option or even to make an option in a non-Gantter format.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Roman, 

Please follow the below steps to create PDF or PNG of gantter project. 

1) Open Gantter 

2) Load project 

3) Click on Project > Click Print Option 

OR from Toolbar click on Print Icon 

4) From Print pop up 

5) Select Task list OR Gantter chart Or Both 

6) Select Option PDF/PNG 

Also please refer Steps Video

Hope this help you!!!

Let us know if you need more details 


Gantter Support team 

This works, technically... but the output is so tiny you cannot print it out and it is not editable. HELP! 

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Agreed, the output needs to change to support multiple pages rather than 1 single page or bring back the print to HTML option

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what i found out is that is much easier to filter what you are going to print...; I wish there was an option to remove the Gantter logo if you are paying for it.

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