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Refresh Rate

Does anyone know what the refresh rate is or how to refresh aproject when 2 parties are working together so you can see changes.  For example OneNote seems to be close to instantaneous.  You make a change and within seconds others sharing see that change.

How can you do this on gantter?

If you cant, then is there a refresh or update button?



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Yes - to me its also confusing that I don't see another persons updates unless I physically refresh the browser? This also means that 2 of us can add a new task and one of us seems to lose the task (not sure how it decides who wins). Given this looks to be based on google cloud technology, this isn't what I was expecting at all?

Hi Tim,

It looks like you are using Gantter Cloud, which does not currently support real-time collaboration. If you would like to use real-time collaboration then I would recommend using Gantter for Google Drive instead. 

Please see the following link to see a comparison of the different Gantter editions:

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