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I cant open any document Project


Now I can't open any document created by project. The document in gantter doesnt shows information.

Hi Claudia,

Which version of Gantter are you using?

Are you trying to open a Gantter file from Google Drive or by opening the file from within Gantter itself?

If you are trying to open the file from Google Drive by double-clicking on the file then you might be seeing a screen that says "No Preview Available", try instead to open the file by right-clicking the file in Google Drive and choosing "Open with".

Hi i cant open my document. I have a presentation in tow hors. What can i do?

Hi Silvana,

How are you trying to open your document: are you opening from Google Drive, from within the Gantter editor, or from the Gantter home page. What happens when you try to open the document, are you seeing an error message?

Please provide as much detail as you can so we can assist you. 

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