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Dates keep changing

Whether it is during editing after changing a parameter, or I close the browser and come back later--the dates on tasks get out of wack.

For instance, If I set a task to be "completed no later than" and set a date, but if a parameter changes, it goes haywire and things that I have set don't seem to keep.  If I go back into the task, it'll then say "start no earlier then."  It is like the tasks will not keep the constraints I set.

I also had several tasks to a particular date (2/4), and when I close out and come back to the chart several hours later, they are all set to 2/14.  I'll check the chart properties and somehow the duration settings for the sheet are all wrong causing the entire chart to be screwed up and need tweaking to fix all of the dates.

I can't take--am I doing something wrong?  I can't keep wasting my time like this.

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Hi William. I am having similar frustrations but I'm persevering because when it works, it's a great tool.

My dates jump around too. One fix I've found is to adjust the 'duration' field before anything else. Sometimes it takes a few shots but that usually fixes it.

The other thing I noticed yesterday, is that if I add another resource to the task, it halves the duration. It's annoying but at least I know what's happening.

Lastly, I've had good responses from Gantter when I create a support ticket, They fixed my last problem in 2 days.

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