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Backing up with daily restore points

Hi everyone

I'm trying to setup Gantter so that I save a daily copy of the project file.

I thought I could do this by saving the *.gantter file but it doesn't seem to be stored locally.

Google drive is just saving a link to the file online.

I'd like to back this file up every day to protect my project in case something weird happens.

At the moment I'm manually saving an xml project file each day but I'd like to automate this.

All suggestions welcome


The .gantter file in Google Drive is a symbolic link to the Google Real Time data model for the file.  What we are considering doing is to make Gantter periodically save the model to a version in the drive file.  I would welcome any suggestions you would like to see in regards to Gantter backups.

Ok. That makes sense.

I would like to have daily restore points that are saved in Google Drive, labelled by date.

Similar to the XML file that can be exported manually.

Once you get to 30 backup files, you could save one as a monthly backup and then delete the oldest file as you add each new one.

The files are tiny, so you would only have to save 30 files.

I'm quite worried about the stories of people on this forum who state that all of their data has gone.

What also happens to me is that I make a change with unintended consequences and the undo button doesn't let me change it.

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