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Export to Excel or Google Sheets

Hi ,

I cannot see any option to export the tasks in Excel or Google Sheets .

This will help me a lot . Is this possible ?

Only Pdf is available and it is not of much help

Thank you


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If you download to MS Project, you can then open in Project Libre (open source).

This allows you to export to Excel.

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Is it possible to import MS Excel file into Gantter? 



Not directly.

I always use Project Libre to transfer information between Gantter and Excel.

It would be good to have this in Gantter.  I'm only on a chromebook.... no MS Project (or Project Libre) available to me.

We have added support to export to CSV.  You can access this new feature from the project menu.  

We are working on a new Google Sheet's integration that will allow for import and export directly from Google Sheets.  

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