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Gantter skipping several weeks...bug?

Is there a bug in Gantter causing it to occasionally skip dates, or am I completely missing something here? The enclosed screenshot shows (in the yellow area) that it makes a jump from February 16th to April 13th, and also does something similar a few other places in the schedule. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Even,

It looks like you have a constraint added to task #32 where the jump from February 16th to April 13th occurs. Please check what this constraint is.

If you want to the task to come right after the previous one then please set it to "As Soon as Possible".  You can find the "Constraint" on the "Advanced" tab of the "Task Properties". You can get to the "Task Properties" by double-clicking on the task or by choosing "Properties..." from the "Actions" menu when you have the task selected.

Thanks Matt,

I still can't make it include March, though... I've enclosed the project file. Perhaps you could have a look at it?

 Hi Even,

Your project is actually set to plan from the finish date of August 10, 2018, rather than plan from start date. So tasks will try to be scheduled as late as possible so the project finishes exactly on the finish date.

Task 30  has a constraint to Finish No Later than February 9, 2018 so that is why those tasks occur in February. But the other task doesn't need to finish in March so it is scheduled for later (April).

Here are two options to cause a task to be scheduled for March:

  • Set your project to schedule from start date instead of finish date and set the start date.
  • Set the constraint on some tasks to be "Finish no later than" a date in March. For example, you can set this constraint on task 32.

Thanks a lot, Matt. 

I suppose I'll have to go with option #2, since my goal here is to figure out when the project needs to start, as well as how much time we can spend on each tasks and still finish on August 10.

Really appreciate your help!


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