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Duration en workload- two different things- How to register?

How can i register 60hours of work dividend over three months? 

Or can i register that one employee works 2 days (16h) -on a specific project- a week & the job is done within three weeks, so the total workload is 48 hours? 

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You can adjust the "Units" in the "Resources" tab of the "Task Properties" to achieve this. You can get to the "Task Properties" screen by double-clicking on task in the Gantter editor.

For example, if you have a task with one resource assigned at 12.5% and a duration of 3 months then this will result in 60 hours work.

Another way you can do this is to break up the one task into a summary task with multiple sub-tasks. For example, if you want the employee to work on a task for 2 days each week, you can represent as multiple 2 day tasks.

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