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Adding resources to the task without changing the defined timelines

I have already made a list of resources with the number of days in which i need to achieve the target.

now i am adding multiple resources to the task, it alters the timeline i defined.

i don't want to alter the timeline and also i dont want to manually take care of splitting the task in terms of percentage between each of the resources i add.

You can set your task to have "Fixed Duration"  on the Advanced tab of the Task Properties. You can open the Task Properties by double-clicking the task on the grid.

If the task's type is "Fixed Duration" then adding resources will not change the duration of the task.

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Thanks. This solved my query.

Now i have following two queries if anybody can help.

1. How to make default task creation with these changed settings

2. How to alter settings on all the existing task together. currently i have to do it one by one. ?

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