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E-mail notifications of tasks for people registered in resources


When I add a task and put a person registered with email as a resource in this task, that person do not receive any notification of their participation in the task.


I add a task and put it in the resource camp, the person signed as "Herbert", The "resource" Herbert is registered with an email. He does not receive any email notifying him that he is a participant in the task.

Does Gantter have this kind of notification system?

Thanks for the support.

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This question is very important to keep all people involved in line. This is possible?


Same here, a crucial fact to follow up on the tasks.

I agree. Gantter would be much more useful if it would automatically email the resource of the task(s) they are assigned to with the date range there assigned task(s) should be completed during.

If the project is synced with the resource they are able to sync with their Google Calendar. They can also update from the Calendar if the task is complete. 

Also as of right now the Google comments will email a notification to the person that is put on notice for a comment left on a task. 

Thanks for the quick reply Felicia! How do you sync the project with the resource? 

You will need to share the project as an editor rights with the resource and they will be able to sync. 

It only shows the finish date. Is there a way to show the start through finish date on google calendar?

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