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how to export a PDF

 How to export a PDF  version

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You can use the "Print" option in the "Project" menu to generate a PDF of your project.

How Can I change the size of the printer paper ?

I need letter size


How to print  in a different size of paper?

I need several letter size not just one huge one

When choosing the print options in Gantter, you can choose to generate PDFs for the "Task List" and the "Gantt Chart" separately. This may help it to fit better on one page when printing.


Gantter generates the PDF as a single-page. The steps to break it up into multiple pages so the print is larger depends on your PDF software and your printer. This link can give you instructions to print as multiple pages using Adobe Reader:


Another thing you can try is choosing the "HTML" print option from Gantter instead of PDF. You can then print the same as any web-page.

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