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Weekends as working days


I've found only one discussion about this topic and there is a video but it's without sound so it's useless.

More important. How can I set every Saturday and Sunday as working day.

In my company hours don't matter, it's more about days. (Sometimes there are 4 hours a day, sometimes 16 hours.)

It is not the first time I use a project management tool. But in this case I really can't find the solution.

Thank you in advance.


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First you want to go to your project properties and set durations, you want a 8 hour day, 7 days a week, 30 days a month. 

Then you will go to calendars tab and create a calendar with working weekends.

You simply click on Date in the calendar to select the day of the week you want to edit, then move on to the next day. 

Like all

Monday, 12:00am-11;59am

Tuesday  12:00am-11;59am 

Wednesday  12:00am-11;59am 

Thursday  12:00am-11;59am 

Friday  12:00am-11;59am 

Saturday  12:00am-11;59am 

Sunday 12:00am-11;59am 


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