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Google task synchronisation

Hi! could you help me about google task synchro? 

How to be sure a task is added in google task? For now, some task are naturrally added while some others are not.. How explain that ?

thank you ! 

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I actually can't get it to sync at all. Is there any additional steps necessary to enable syncing to tasks in addition to having the plugin and tick the box to sync?

Gantter will sync the tasks assigned to you.  First, make sure the resource you are selecting has the same Google Calendar account email address.  This quick video should help:  

I did it like agent Jeremy Carr's video. But the tasks don't sync in my google calendar. I don't know what is wrong. 

How does Gantter sync with Google Calendar?

Just signed up for my account.  any update to this thread?  I have no calendar items related to my first project I have started and worst yet, i have multiple but empty Task LISTS with no tasks inside of them.  

Each task list is the name of my project file.

I am currently comparing this service to another so a quick response would be appreciated.


Please see the help video which demonstrate how to do Gantter sync with Google Calendar.

Gantter And Google Calendar Integration (Sync to Google tasks )

I hope this helps. 

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